Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cowboys Going All in With Tony Romo?

Now that the Cowboys have paid him a boatload of cash it appears that they may finally be ready to do what they maybe should have done a long time ago.

They are going all in with Romo.

If it sounds like a gamble it is because it is. Romo has collected an impressive stat sheet over the years, but that hasn't translated to wins too often, and certainly not post season wins. That didn't stop Jerry Jones from paying him a $100+ million (with $55 mil guaranteed), and it appears like it will not stop him from having him sit in on strategy sessions now either.
My first thought is probably not too unlike some of y'all--oh boy. However, after doing a little digging this ma not be such a crazy idea after all.

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady do it. There are likely others that do as well, but since they don't have the star power like Manning and Brady it's just not known.

Troy Aikman did back in the day with the 'Boys so it will definitely not be a first for the Cowboys.

I see the logic in it. Coaches look at things one way and players another. If there is one player that sees--or should see--everything on the field it is the quarterback. He could have some insight on something the coaches may not see.

Plus it has to help if the game plan is something that he is totally comfortable with. That s not to say that  he should lead the discussion by any means, but having a say could be a good idea.

Maybe this is what Romo will need to feel a bit more invested in what he is doing out there. Then maybe not only will he play better, but he will be a better leader and get his team to play better.

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