Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dallas Cowboys Do Okay but Could Have Done Better in Draft

Dallas Cowboys Do Okay but Could Have Done Better in Draft:

The 2013 NFL Draft has come and gone and the Dallas Cowboys are better. The question still to be answered is how much better.

The NFL Draft. It is a time for teams to take a strong step towards the future. For fans it’s a chance to see if there favorite team is going to be any better than it was last season.

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys were watching this draft a little closer than past classes. Now that the future of the team is married to Tony Romo thanks to a hefty contract extension it became imperative that the Dallas brain trust surround the franchise with impact players.

And they did—sort of.

Bear in mind that this draft was unlike many in recent history. There were few stud players at the skill positions that were worthy of first round consideration. With the No. 18 pick the Cowboys were going to need to pretty much react to who was taken in the first 17 picks and see if there was someone they needed that was worth taking that high.

Not an easy task; especially while on the clock. The good thing about this draft is that while there was a shortage on quality there was no shortage on quantity. There were plenty of good players available making it a smart choice for them to trade down to No. 31 where they still got a solid player (offensive lineman Travis Frederick from Wisconsin) that fits a need, but also got another pick....

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