Monday, April 1, 2013

Dallas Cowboys Now Married to Tony Romo

Dallas Cowboys Now Married to Tony Romo:

If it wasn’t clear before, it is now—the future of the Dallas Cowboys is going to be as bright as Tony Romo and Jerry Jones want it to be.

Finding a quality starting quarterback in the NFL is not an easy thing to do. It would be nice if college success equated to success in the NFL, but that just isn’t the case. So when a franchise thinks it has the guy that can lead the team into the future it is smart to lock him up, right?

That’s likely where Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was coming from when he signed Tony Romo to a 6-year contract extension worth $108 million with $55 million guaranteed.

The move has since been hit with plenty of criticism. Donovan McNabb, the only quarterback that Tony Romo has ever beaten in the playoffs, has been especially vocal. His comments on Twitter have already been re-tweeted over 21,000 times.
“Tony Romo 6 yr 55 million dollar extension. Wow really, with one playoff win. You got to be kidding me”
There might be just a little jealousy at work there, but he does have a point. With Tony Romo at the helm the Cowboys have been a favored team more often than not at the beginning of the season only to stumble to a disappointing finish.

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