Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dallas Cowboys to Josh Brent: Stay Away From the Ranch

Josh Brent may technically still have a job with the Dallas Cowboys, but the team doesn't want to actually see him anywhere near the team's facility, Valley Ranch. The team has asked him to stay away, but did so in a way that makes it sound like it is for his own good.

The Cowboys displayed Jerry Brown's jersey during games following his death.
"...the more important thing for Josh right now is to focus on the issues at hand for himself, and obviously, he's got some legal issues he's going to be working through, not to mention all the personal issues that are involved with what he was involved with. That's what he's focused on right now." (ESPN)
The Dallas Cowboys made some waves towards the end of the 2012 NFL season when defensive lineman Josh Brent appeared on the sideline of a game after being released on bail. The man had just killed a teammate and friend, Jerry Brown, in a drunk driving accident after all.

The team initially spoke out in support of Brent, but after the backlash from fans and he media backtracked off their comments and original position. 

Telling him to stay away now could be taken in one of two ways. Either the team is trying to distance themselves from Brent and the bad press that comes with him or they are genuinely trying to help him help himself by telling him to focus on the matter at hand.

It will be interesting to see if any members of the team have something to say about this. Along with the mother of Jerry Brown, several players have been vocal in their support of Brent, who they still refer to as a friend and teammate.

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