Friday, April 12, 2013

Danny Amendola's Dad Suing Cowboys Stadium

His son is getting paid this year (and the next four; $28.5 million) so why shouldn't he, right?

A couple years after being a part of a rather odd accident at Cowboys Stadium, Willie Amendola, New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola's Dad, is suing the Cowboys for an amount somewhere north of $1 million.

Willie Amendola was the head coach of the Dekaney High and had just won the State 5A title so he was at midfield giving interviews. Back by the end zone someone was not thinking straight when they just tossed something into the cart.

Whatever it was started up the cart which went unmanned downfield and into a crowd of people of which Amendola was apart.

No one was seriously hurt at the time of the incident. While I am sure that it didn't tickle when the cart ran into the group, the whole thing was more funny than anything else.

Therein lies the problem.

The suit is not seeking damages for anything physical really, but more of the mental and emotional variety:
"past and future pain and suffering; past and future mental anguish' physical and mental impairment, past and future; disfigurement, past and future; past and future medical expenses; loss of earning capacity; and loss of enjoyment."

What all that real pretty verbiage is really saying is this: that was embarrassing. It continues to be embarrassing every time a copy of the video is watched on YouTube (the above clip has close to half a million).

That is the pain of living in a digital world. If something has been recorded and it could be embarrassing than it will end up on the internet.

Is it worth a million bucks though? Absolutely not. Is it worth something. Eh--I don't know.

Yes, the stadium personnel screwed up and caused the accident, but the harm is primarily his perception of the embarrassment. I can't help but wonder if Jerry Jones's lawyers will try to argue that anytime you are on the field you should be aware of your surroundings.

After all, football is a contact support. The interviews usually are not, but the game is!

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