Sunday, April 28, 2013

David Beckham Ejected! Did he Bend it a Little Too Far?

To the ladies soccer superstar David Beckham can do no wrong no matter how far or which way he tries to bend it. However, in a recent game between Beck's PSG and Evian the referee thought he did plenty wrong on this play; so much that he gave Becks a red card and ejected him from the game.

This game had an abundance of red cards and included a scuffle at the end of the game where it was never really made clear who was actually punished (if anyone?). I don't know exactly how the league works overseas, but I would not be surprised if the officiating in this game is not under review by someone higher up sometime soon.

Because don't they know that Beckham can do no wrong (that's what my female friends tell me at least)?!?!

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