Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day in Dunking March Madness Edition: Doug Anderson Wins College Dunk Contest

University of Detroit guard Doug Anderson wowed the crowd (and now the World Wide Web) with the insane dunk in the video below to win the College Slam Dunk Competition, one of the events in Atlanta leading up to this weekend's Final Four.

After watching this what the NBA needs to do is clear. Take the million that Magic has offered and whatever anyone else want to throw in and have the best of the best in the NBA face off against the college kids.

Should a college kid win it goes to his university's scholarship fund. Should an NBA player win I would hope he'd be willing to let it go to charity--or maybe his school's scholarship fund (high school or college)!

Anderson could definitely compete with the best the NBA has to offer. Watch this clip of some of the other guys and you'll see that the rest of the field could hang with them too (NSFW due to lyrcis).

I would hope that the best in the NBA--yes, I am talking to you Kobe, Blake, LeBron--would not want a bunch of young 'ins showing the NBA up, and would be down for doing it even thought there would be no prize money in it for them.

Just pride.

So what do you say NBA? Let's make this happen!

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