Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Denard Robinson Does Michigan Proud (sarcasm completely intended) With Pathetic Opening Pitch

It is not a good day for the Michigan Wolverines. With their basketball team suffering a close, hard-fought loss in Monday night's national championship the Wolverine Faithful could sure use something to make them smile. Something from one of its stars to make them feel proud to be a member of the Wolverine Nation would hit the spot; possibly provide some light on an otherwise dark day.

Just don't look to former football stud Denard Robinson to provide it.

The former Wolverine gridiron standout will likely get drafted in the later rounds due to his athletic ability alone. He's been smart enough not to tie himself down to quarterback; he wasn't a great one and would have probably gone undrafted had he insisted on staying behind center. With the right coaching though he could turn into a heck of a wide receiver or return man even.

Today Denard was in Detroit to throw out the opening pitch for the Tigers/Blue Jays game. You would not know that he was one of college football's elite athletes with the pathetic throw that he made.

I totally get that he is probably not a baseball guy; maybe he has never thrown a baseball in his life. If that is the case you would think he would have enough self respect and not want to look like an idiot. A little practice--shoot, just five minutes of instruction even--an he could have made the throw.

Instead he looks like someone who is glad to get a cool jersey.

Way to represent Denard.

It's a good thing that the Tigers didn't take anything from Denard's example. They went on to win 7-3

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