Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Derrick Rose Looks Good in Pregame Warm Up So When is He Coming Back?

The biggest question going into the NBA's second season--or the playoffs as it is known far and wide--has nothing to do with LeBron James, Kevin Durant, the Boston Celtics, or James Harden's beard. No, it is about the one guy that can change the landscape of the Eastern Conference playoffs should he return to the court.

Derrick Rose.

Rose is the last guy to win the MVP award that is not LeBron James (he won it during LeBron's first year in Miami). After tearing his ACL last season he has been on the mend. Medically he has been cleared, but he has yet to be cleared from the one person that matters most.


Returning from a serious injury is always a tough thing to do. Do it too fast and you run the risk of re-injuring the knee or possibly overcompensating and injuring something else. Wait too long and your team will either lose or move on.

Either way--not good.

When you watch Rose dunk like he did in the above video it is hard to imagine him not being ready to play. If he is waiting for the post season it wouldn't be a bad idea to play some now in order to get his game-legs back before the playoffs start.

Till he says he's ready to go though it looks like clips from pregame is all we'll have of the former MVP!

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