Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DeSean Jackson is Not That Bright

Good things are in store for the Philadelphia Eagles this season. Their new head coach is top notch and should bring a very exciting style of play to the team--which should fit the Eagles' superstars like DeSean Jackson very well. The potential is endless for the team (assuming Chip Kelly's offense works in the NFL).

So with nothing but positive thoughts and good things ahead for the team would DeSean Jackson do something so stupid as to post the Instagram Rules for Men?

Now to be fair, it was posted on April Fool's Day; maybe it was a joke. If that is the case it is high time that he actually let someone else in on it. If we are just supposed to assume...well, we all know what assuming does, right?

They are not an original work of his; Isaac Hayes III is who he got them from. So maybe he thought  they were funny? If that was the case he should have included an 'lol' or two somewhere.

If he is actually serious they don't paint him in a very good light. The league already has issues with players being entangled in domestic violence situations. While this list certainly does not qualify as that, its message is still not a very female-friendly one.

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  1. I think its hilarious

  2. I been an Eagle fan since 1961 and in all my time following the team as if I played for them Jackson is one player I can not stomach. he is a punk who told the media he quit on his team, fans, and city over wanting more money while still under contract and what do the dopes do, they resign him. His skills have been compromised teams prepare for him now and in my my opinion is no longer a threat and is one hit away from the DL again.

  3. The bottom line is; He's correct. Guys can be so stupid, some need instructions. Definately not saying cheat on your girl but I know many that have gotten caught using social media, duh!