Friday, April 12, 2013

Detroit Lions Sign 'Kickalicious'

What do you do when you are looking for a kicker for the first time in more than two decades? How do you replace one of the best kickers to ever play the game? Easy. You sign an international YouTube sensation with what appears to be a bionic foot and crazy control!

I'm talking about Havard 'Kikalicious' Rugland, a guy from Norway with an insane ability to kick the crap out of a football and with what appears to be pinpoint control on where it goes.

Now that Janson Hanson has hung up his cleats for good (or at least until someone calls him mid-season and offers him a boat load of money. Then again he is a kicker; so maybe it would be more like a small skiff or a a large inner tube) the Detroit Lions have to find a new kicker.

After Havard released this video onto the World Wide Web last year you had to think someone would be interested. Several teams in fact have, but it was the Lions that were able to lock him down.
"He's got great potential," former NFL kicker Michael Husted told the Los Angeles Times in March. "On the other side, you need more than that. You need connections and to have a little bit of luck on your side. I always tell people that there are kickers who were better than me who did not make it. I was fortunate to have a nine-year NFL career."
Husted has been working with Havard to improve his game the last few months.

As cool as the signing may be Havard is not a lock for the roster spot. The Lions have also signed veteran kicker David Akers.

Then again this is Akers we are talking about; there's a real good reason why he was dropped by the 49ers. Akers is only guaranteed $100K so if they do go with Havard it's not like the team will be out a boat load of cash.

Just a large inner tube.

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