Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dwight Howard 's Season Ends With an Ejection

The Lakers got the last thing they ever needed was Kobe Bryant going down. The second to last thing they needed was to lose Dwight Howard in an elimination game due to a second technical foul early in the second half.

It has been a rough season for Dwight Howard. Heck, its been a rough couple of years for the big man. From his inglorious departure from Orlando to his landing in Los Angeles and a rather up and down season where he admitted at one time to not being in playing shape--it just wasn't his year.

In all fairness he had moments of glory and played well at various times throughout the season, but he was nothing compared to the dominant player that he had become famous for in Orlando.

Whether this will be his swan song in LA remains to be seen. The Lakers only got him for this year. Come the official end of this season he will become one of the most sought after free-agents on the market.

With how he played does LA really want him back? Kobe Bryant is towards the end of his career and the team does need a new superstar. Pau Gasol is good, but he can't carry a team.

But at the same time, with the drama that he has shown he can create over the last two seasons who wants to have him? It almost appears as if the only team that he'll be happy playing on is one like he had in Orlando (and remember what he said about them? Hint--it wasn't good).

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