Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Former New England Patriots Lineman Joe Andruzzi is One of Many That Helped in the Aftermath of the Boston Marathon Explosions

Former New England Patriots lineman Joe Andruzzi has gotten a lot of attention for his pic of him carrying a victim of Monday's bomb explosion near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Andruzzi was there to support a group of runners that were participating in the Marathon to raise money for his foundation, the Joe Andruzzi Foundation.

If you ask him I would be willing to bet that he would say that he is just one of many people that sprang to the aid if those affected by the explosions.

The following is just a small sample of the many tings that people have done to aid of those in need:

A Google document was created to help people get in touch with loved ones and for those willing to give runners from out of town a place to stay.

The police of course jumped right into action and can't be given near the credit they deserve for the tremendous job they did in the aftermath (and continue to do).

Photo from Boston Globe
A reporter for the Boston Globe, Billy Baker, tweeted this message:
A number of runners were said to have kept running past the finish line to the hospital in order to donate blood. So many people responded in kind that the American Red Cross tweeted that their supply was more than adequate.
Even local restaurants were opening their doors to those that needed to escape the chaos:
The amount of people that have stepped up to do something for others in the aftermath of the day's tragedy is overwhelming to say the least (and way too many to list here). It just goes to show that even though our country is far from perfect we know what matters most.

[Info from USAToday was used to write this post]
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