Friday, April 5, 2013

Josh Hamilton Gets Treated Just as Expected on Return to Arlington [UPDATED]

Josh Hamilton did not have the smoothest end to his time with the Texas Rangers at the end of last season nor when he opted to sign with a division rival over the Rangers. Fans were not too distraught over his departure with the way he played down the stretch, but that does not necessarily mean they wanted him to go.

Once he regained control of his demons again he'd be back to his hard-hitting ways, right? He's done it before; he can do it again....

If he does the bulk of the fans in Texas do not appear to be too eager to cheer him on.

Josh made his big return to the Arlington today in the first of a three game series, and sure enough, when he came up to bat for the first time he was booed pretty hard, but the boos quickly turned to cheers (as soon as I can find a video of it I will post it; here's a link to a video of the at-bat).

Why? Because he did something that Rangers fans had become all too accustomed to in the latter half of the 2012 season--he struck out.

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