Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kris Humphries Divorced Kim Kardashian Out of the Goodness of his Heart? What?

If it wasn't for my wife there is no way in he** I would care about this story, but since any and all Kardashian shows are on in our house more than I care to admit I am probably one of the few non-Nets/Kardashian fans that finds this interesting.

The news broke a few days ago that the divorce proceeding from he** was finally over. What was puzzling about it though was that the two sides basically just went there merry way--no settlement or nothing.

Now Kris is doing okay as a player and doesn't exactly need the money, but he could have taken Kim for a good chunk of change if he really wanted to; at the least he could have forced her to spend a good chunk of change to keep from giving him any.

As much as she makes a small seven-figure settlement would have been nothing for her to pay him off with. So why didn't he get it?

Well, if you can believe sites like TerezOwens it is because he felt sorry for her.

The poor woman has been blasted in the tabloids of late. Her weight is constantly being talked about, people are making her out to seem just a little crazy, Kanye does not appear to be treating her the best (because those Kardashian girls like quality men), she is having a baby with Kanye (which is bad enough)--what is going right for the poor thing?

So in order to cut her some slack he went ahead and approved the divorce and walked away free.

It's not like he's got an obvious benefit f any kind from marrying her. He might have gotten an extra commercial or two, but the money from those are nothing compared to the salary he gets with the Nets--and that is just decent.

If it was for the fame--because did anyone really know his name before he married her--he lost out there. Yes, his name is known far and wide, but not in a favorable manner.

He had every reason in the world to hold this up and make her pay, but he didn't. So it makes sense that he could have just cut her some slack.

This is all just speculation of course.  No one knows for sure except the happily unmarried couple and the presiding judge (and probably Kris--who will likely reveal the truth on her new talk show).

But hey--it must be true right? Cause if its on the internet it must be true.

(I promise to never, ever post anything about a Kardashian ever again.)

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