Friday, April 12, 2013

Los Angeles Dodgers Have a Few Words for San Diego Padres on Twitter

The Dodger and Padres had one of the more memorable fights in recent years Thursday night, and it appears that the fun is not over yet.

In case you missed it, Dodgers starting pitcher Zach Greinke nailed Padres hitter Carlos Quentin in the shoulder with a pitch. Quentin paused for a moment and appeared as if he was going to do the right thing and just take his base. Then he charged the mound and it was on (best part is in the beginning  but Vin Scully's commentary is pretty classic as well).

Matt Kemp tried to keep the fight going after the game with Quentin, but nothing but talk and posturing happened there (lame; leave it on the field boys. Didn't you learn that in Pee Wee ball?).

However, the Dodgers kept it going on Twitter, and after checking these tweets out I think I might have to tune in for a baseball game early next week:

Nice--but it gets better.

If you play for the Padres how can that not get under your skin? Yeah, that series next week could be interesting...

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