Friday, April 5, 2013

Oklahoma City Thunder in Control of West with Win Over Spurs; Reggie Miller Makes Strange Comment

Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder took control of the Western Conference with a 100-88 win over the San Antonio Spurs.

While the possible ramifications over who will play who and home court advantage should e the topic of conversation with the Thunder moving into the No. 1 seed for the West, talk is centering more on Reggie Miller's odd choice of words following a Kevin Durant dunk in the fourth period.

You heard him right: "Mommy has some things for daddy to do!"

What the?

Personally-- I just don't get it. I do get that he was just trying to go with the flow and say something in regards to the dominant dunk that Kevin Durant had thrown down. It just didn't make any sense.

Twitter has blasted the poor guy pretty hard. Some criticism is warranted of course, but the way poor Reggie is getting skewered is a bit harsh for such an unimportant play in the game.

It's alright Reggie; haters are going hate. We still love you here in Indiana!

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  1. its a direct quote from the commercial durant is in. doesn't take a genius to recognize the significance of this comment.

    1. I guess I need to watch the commercial and see the context on which the line is used. Otherwise it still doesn't make much sense to me. Unless the only significance is that it was a line from the commercial; in that case miller's comment is still pretty dumb.

      Either way--awesome slam.


    1. Thank you! As soon as I can boot my computer up I'll have to check that out (darn phone will not do it; crappy phone).

  3. The commercial itself is bizzare to say the least. Kevin appears in the kitchen of strangers, dressed in way-too-small pj's, Mom gets this glazed look on her face, sends the kid off to play and says "I have some things I need daddy to do". Without meaning to be, it's very Suggestive