Monday, April 1, 2013

Saints Trade for Roddy White; Cut Marques Colston? [UPDATE]

This must be a sports blogger's idea of an April Fool's Day prank. There just isn't any other explanation. If it isn't I can't find anything to back up the story so this guy must have one heck of an inside source if it is true.

According to a story on Saints Nation, the New Orleans Saints have traded two draft picks (a third rounder this year and a second round pick next year) for Atlanta Falcon wide receiver Roddy White.

Genius right? Bring in one of the best wide receivers in the game and pair him with one of the best passing quarterbacks in the game--absolute genius!

Buy why would the Falcons do it? White was their leading receiver last year with over 1300 yards. Together with Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez the Falcons have a pretty potent attack. They are under the cap so they don't need to create space.

To further muddy the waters, in order to have room for White under the cap the Saints had to cut Marques Colston--their No.1 receiver from last season!

Age can't be an issue here. White is 31; Colston 29. He isn't so old that the Falcons need to be thinking of ditching him either.

This has to be a prank. There is no other explanation. If it is kudos to the guys at Saints Nation for trying it and pulling it off cause I know you guys got some crazy traffic off this story today. When/If you post a note admitting it is an April Fools prank I'll be sure and add a link to that here.

[UPDATE] Yep, it is confirmed. It's an April Fools prank (toggle down the bottom of the page).

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  1. Perhaps, before posting, you should read the entire article that you get your info from. It clearly said this was an April fool's joke.

    1. I would love to say with 100 percent certainty that they did not have the "April Fools" part posted early in the day when I saw it and then created this post, but I've slept since then and can not. I don't think it was, but I've overlooked stuff in the past. I'm human; what can I say?

      Good job Saints Nation. You got me.