Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Scott Fujita and the Best Retirement Announcement Ever-and How It Could Have Been Better

Many moons ago I happened to be living right outside of San Francisco when Joe Montana retired. I had nothing to do and had the means to get into the city so I went to the ceremony. I'll never forget it--this guy passed around a parody of some song pretty much praising Joe. When we sang it (we were right next to the stage) he looked over and commented--very cool.

Funny thing--when the mayor spoke the volume was cranked up louder than anyone else. Anyway...

Linebacker Scott Fujita called it quits on Monday. As cool as it would have been to be there my travel budget doesn't include a day trip to Machu Pich, Peru.

Fujita can be seen here signing his one-day contract so that he can retire as member of the team where he spent the best years of his career and won a Super Bowl. It is a shame that he will likely be remembered more for being accused of taking part in the whole Bounty-Gate scandal, but at least as far as the official record is concerned he did nothing wrong.

At 33 he could have probably found someone that would have given him shot in camp; chances are they would have at least kept him for his veteran leadership if nothing else. Neck injuries like he suffered last season are nothing to joke about though.

If he jacked it up any more he might have a hard time climbing up that spot he signed his contract at!

So best of luck to you Scott. It's been fun watching you play.

What? Oh, yeah--how can his retirement have gone better?


...or whatever this guy is (if he isn't a llama).

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