Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shane Battier is My New Best Bud and it has Nothing to Do with his Truck Load of Beer (honest...)

I've never been jealous of Shane Battier till I saw this clip. Before hand I thought he was a decent talent in the NBA; nothing special. The dude was kind of funny looking (it's my opinion  I'm aloud). There just wasn't anything (except his paycheck) to be envious (or jealous) of.

Until now. Apparently when you talk about drinking a Bud Lite before every game of a record setting 27-game winning streak the company that makes the tasty beverage feels inclined to give you a little present.

A truckload of beer.

So not only does he have  a championship ring and there is a good chance that he will have another one in a few weeks, but he has one massive supply of beer.

I think there are two conclusions that we can safely draw from this--

(1) whether the Heat win or lose the Finals when the season is done the party is at Battier's house and

(2) the guys that pitched for the Red Sox last season are wishing they had tweeted about their in-game beer and chicken (could you imagine a truckload of beer and fried chicken pulling up to your house?)...and that they had won a few more of those games....

Now excuse me while I go follow Shane Battier on Twitter...in case man invites his followers to his party...

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