Thursday, April 18, 2013

Soldier Field to Host Massive Tomato Fight in July

Someone please, please, please video tape this and post it. This is going to be awesome. Epic even. The good folks in Chicago have decided that the La Tomatina Festival in Spain looks like a lot of fun--so they want to host a tomato fight of their own.

These guys look ready for a tomato fight!
Come July 27 the  home of the Chicago Bears is going to be turned into a field of battle with the weapon of the day the tomato. For the small price of $49.99 you can chuck all the tomatoes you can at people. If you just want to watch its $24.99.

The event is going to run from noon to six. Whether that means it is going to be 6 hours of tomato tossing--I don't know.

That isn't exactly a small price to pay to get in a food fight, but if you look at clips like the one above and on YouTube the festival in Spain looks like a blast. If I lived in thee Windy City and had 50 bucks to spare I would be tempted.

If you are interested in Chicago's Tomato Blast you can find more info at the following link.

Oh--in case you are wondering, they aren't using good tomatoes ready for eating but ones that are past ripe. So if you are not participating you might want to bring a nose clip or something. Those folks are going to stink...but it does look like fun...

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