Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tampa Bay Rays Reporter Kelly Nash a Babe Even Without Perfect Light Behind Her

Tampa fans are already pretty familiar with Ms. Kelly Nash, but the rest of the World Wide Web got a good look at her recently when she took this awesome picture of herself at a game when a ball happened to zoom right by her head.

A lot of guys probably had to look at this pic twice; once because with the way the light played off her hair behind her--wow, it was a good pic, but then a second time to see the baseball that narrowly missed her.

Now I am sure there are some guys that are thinking, " Man that chick was hot. I sure wouldn't mind listening to her talk baseball, or "eh--anyone can look good in one shot."

If you want to listen to her talk baseball head to YouTube, but if you want to see if she happened to look good in that shot or if she is a babe, well--that's what I'm here for.

Whether at work or play, I think the answer is clear.

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