Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Texas Closer Joe Nathan Hits a Milestone--but Should Not Have

Joe Nathan has been one of the better pitchers in the business for much of hid career, and when he entered the ninth inning with a two run cushion he was looking at the chance to notch career save No. 300.

It wasn't the cleanest of innings. He did give up a pair of hits and a run, but when Ben Zobrist came up to bat for the Rays Joe was one out away from earning the save and preserving the win for the Rangers.

To make the long story short--he did with a called strike three, but he shouldn't have.

The call was bad; it doesn't take a seasoned pro to see that. Rays Manager Joe Maddon was understandably irate. At that time though complaining was about all he could do. The call was made. The out recorded, and the game over.

Since then the umpire that made the call has stated that he would not make the same call again, and admitted his mistake.

In the interest of honesty I guess that's good, but overall I think that is a bunch of crap on the part of Ump Marty Foster. You made a mistake--own it. Don't give the public confessional. That just angers the team and the fan base even more.

It's one thing for us to think he made a mistake. It's another for him to admit. Now we know beyond the shadow of  doubt that the game is flawed.

That doesn't give me any more confidence in how the game is called. It makes me wonder even more about every other game.

In the future it would be better for the matter to be handled internally by the league. If guys should make mistakes like Foster there should be a plan in place to correct it. By that I mean making sure that he doesn't blow such a simple call again.

If he does, then he doesn't need to be calling games in the Show.

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