Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Titus Young Apologizes to Detroit Lions Fans...or Does He?

Titus Young momentarily came to his senses late Monday night--he apologized to fans of his former team, the Detroit Lions.

Sounds reasonable, right? Maybe there is hope for this kid. He is only 23 after all. Youngsters are going to make mistakes. The important thing is that they learn from them, apologize if possible, and then move on.

Could it be that Titus has learned? Could he be wanting to take responsibility for his actions? Could he be trying to make things right?

Nope. He deleted the message. Since people only delete messages they don't want to share (because they said something they didn't mean to say) it can be assumed that he did not mean to apologize.

He didn't do anything wrong. Every ball should be his because he's the greatest wide receiver of all time (that was typed with a very sarcastic look on my face).

Because why shouldn't he get very ball thrown his way? It's not like he was just a second year player last season, barely wet behind the ears or anything. It's not like the Lions had the best wide receiver in the NFL on their roster--the kind of guy you throw to as often as possible.

It's not as if this guy was virtually unstoppable last season with 122 receptions and 1,964 yards (a new single season record in the NFL).

So of course they should have thrown the ball to him. Since every ball should have been his he never lined up wrong; Matt Stafford just called the wrong play or something!

Poor Titus.Confidence in one's ability is important in the NFL, but unbridled arrogance and selfishness is not.

The Detroit Lions thought so. It took the St. Louis Rams only a few days to come to the same conclusion. Apparently the rest of the NFL is going to trust these guys and not even bother finding out for themselves.

After deleting his apology Titus tweeted "Thank Jesus Amen." From the looks of thinks he will need to do a whole lot of praying if his NFL career is going to be resurrected.

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