Sunday, April 28, 2013

Twitter Bites Oklahoma City Thunder Ball Boy on the Behind

Fans in Oklahoma City were not real happy after losing Russell Westbrook to what many deemed a rookie  being overzealous. Some were pretty angry about it. The Houston rookie in question, Patrick Beverley, has even received a few death threats over the play via Twitter.

Regardless of the reason behind them and the actual intent sending death threats is wrong. Someone always has to pay the price for the mistakes of the many. In this case it may be a ball boy for the Thunder may find himself in hot water over his Twitter threats.

The ball boy in question, 17-year old Mitchell Brown, is claiming that his account was hacked, but has since deleted his account. This being the world where the internet rules and nothing is ever lost here are the tweets that he is accused of sending:

What exactly is going to happen--if anything--from here remains to be seen. Police are said to be involved. The Thunder have said they (of course) do not condone what young Mitchell has been accused of saying and that they will handle the matter internally.

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