Friday, April 12, 2013

Vince Young Getting Another Chance--in Oakland?

After being out of the league for a year I think it is safe to say that if Vince Young gets another chance he is going to appreciate it, make the most of it, and do absolutely everything he can to maximize it.  If you can believe the rumor mill it sounds like he might get a chance to do just that with a team known for taking in wayward former stars--the Oakland Raiders.

Matt Flynn, who the Raiders traded Seattle for, is expected to start this season, but the Raiders wouldn't mind having some competition in camp; or at the least someone who they can view as a capable backup.

Terrelle Pryor is the only other QB on the roster, and it doesn't sound like the team is overflowing with confidence in the former Ohio State quarterback.

Earlier this week Vince Young was in Oakland for a workout with the Raiders. Rumor has it he looked pretty good in a recent workout with the Raiders, but they did also bring in Troy Smith. If it comes down to someone that has been there and done that in Young relative to a someone that has had just 121 career completions over his four years in the league the choice should be pretty easy.

While his experience makes him a solid candidate what could put Young over the top is his situation. At 29 he still has some good years left, but with his past issues and being out of the league for a year he is in no position to negotiate when it comes to his contract.

So the Raiders can get a former rookie of the year and two time Pro Bowler for league minimum to back up Flynn if they want to.

Not a bad deal.

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