Monday, April 8, 2013

Want a Peek at the Minnesota Vikings New Uniforms?

The Miami Dolphins are not the only ones changing their look up for next season. The Minnesota Vikings are  going to be wearing new duds as well. Unlike the Dolphins, they are hoping that they can keep the whole show under wraps till they unveil the whole thing at their Draft Party April 25.

However, to satisfy the vultures that want to/have to know now what the new uniforms are going to look like
the team has concocted this elaborate plan in which fans can see bits and pieces of the new uniforms by engaging the team via social media.

So far there have been six hints released. If you want to see them and find out what you need to do to see the remaining hints go to this link.

Here is what is going to go right below the collar and above the numbers:

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  1. who cares, they can play naked for all I care just as long as they play. What a site!

  2. A necessary change, the team will bring good results.