Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Want to Party With the Honey Badger? Tyrann Mathieu is Having a Draft Day Party! [UPDATED]

Former LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu, aka the Honey Badger, must know something that the rest of us do not. How else can you explain why the man is holding a Draft Day party on Thursday?

Now had he played last season and all his troubles not come to light no one would think a thing about it. Assuming he would have played like he did two seasons ago he likely would have been a lock to go in the first round.

But that didn't happen. Instead he fails one drug test too many (of the 10 or so if you believe what you read on the internet) and gets busted for drug possession after quitting school. 

Character issues? Yeah; just a few.

Now he has done well at workouts and had some good numbers at the Combine, but his ability is not in question. Teams just want to know that a guy who couldn't stop using no matter how many times he was busted by his college team--who was in the chase for the national title-- is not going to make the same mistake after he gets a few hundred thousand (or million) in his bank account.

So yeah, Tyrann. Throw a party at a New York City nightclub the night of the draft. That will ease their minds. 

If his thoughts are on celebrating, then that is okay (as long as he is smart about it; this party is not smart). Getting drafted into the NFL is a pretty good reason to celebrate no matter what round you go in. After missing last season he should feel like celebrating--but a 'first round' draft party?

It sounds like he is being either extremely overconfident, knows something the rest of the world does not, or is completely delusional. If teams did not have to worry about whether he might need a work release to go to away game he might go in the first round. Since they do--well, this guy is nuts.

This party proves it

If he goes in the first round then Rex Ryan is thin, Mark Sanchez the second coming of Johnny Unitas (wait--that's Joe Flacco), and Roger Goodell a genius.

There are simply too many talented players without severe conduct issues that teams can pick up in the first round instead of him.


Maybe he has learned a few things after all:

Good move Tyrann. Good move.

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