Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Want to See the Jacksonville Jaguars New Uniforms?

With the draft a couple days away the Jacksonville Jaguars decided to get NFL fans talking about the Jags, but for a different reason then normal (not because they suck; or in PC terms--they are victory deficient)--their fashion sense.

The Jaguars unveiled their new uniforms on Tuesday, and I have to say that I like them (overall). They are a little on the edgy side, but that's cool. They stop a step or two in front of becoming something the XFL would have been proud to wear back in the day; or worse--the UFL (shudder)!

I dig the helmet. Talk about a bold move with the whole two-tone thing. I can see where that will be what people talk about the most. Either you are going to love it or hate it.

To be honest folks, I would back whatever the Jacksonville Jaguars want to wear next season as long as they don't try to turn 'jaguar-ing' into an a main stream thing. The only thing that could be worse would be trading a first round pick for Mark Sanchez and having him do the Macarena after every incomplete pass.

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