Thursday, May 2, 2013

Alabama QB AJ McCarron Finally Gets to Do Something Johnny Manziel Has Not

Rivalries are great and all, but it is refreshing to see when the kids that fuel the rivalries on the field are able to leave it on the field--like Alabama Crimson Tide QB AJ McCarron and Texas A&M superstar Johnny Manziel. The A&M QB has been living life, becoming a rock star after just one season.

Johnny Football has AJ beat when it comes to the parties, celebrity sightings, and a lot of the other celebrity trappings, but McCarron may have finally one-upped Manziel. He's driving a car at Talladaga this weekend.

Rest easy Crimson Tide fans. Your quarterback is not driving a stock car in the race--just the pace car for the first lap.

Nothing too crazy folks. Just the pace car and just the first lap--and no Ricky Bobby impersonations.

So until Johnny Football hops in a car at the Texas Motor Speedway this is one experience he is going to have to ask his buddy AJ about.

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  1. you forget. McCarron has three national championship rings. Two as the starting qb. don't think J Football will ever touch that.

    1. I didn't forget. I was just focusing more on the celebrity trappings and not on field work. Johnny Football won't match it because he'll be busy getting drafted before AJ in the draft next year.

    2. YO Travis. JF won't get drafted because he's only a sophomore, not a junior, Did you forget something???????

    3. The rule is you have to be three years removed from high school, not necessarily a junior. Most guys stay in till their juniors anyway to get seasoned and experience, but redshirt guys like him can actually hit the draft after their sophomore years.