Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Arian Foster Carted Off Field During Practice

The Houston Texans are loading up for a run at the Super Bowl this season, and key to that run will be a guy that likes to do a lot of running--running back Arian Foster. Facts are facts. While the team does have a solid defense (and it will this season) and a good passing game the success of the Texans begins and ends with Foster.

During practice Tuesday they got the kind of scare that they don't want to ever get--seeing Foster carted off the field with an injury!

Is that a roger, Roger? 

Fans can relax, As it turns out the injury was just a strained calf. The team likely took extra precaution since they know how important he is to the offense.

He'll likely be held out of activity for quite while. There is no way the team is going to risk letting what should be a minor ailment linger and effect the regular season.

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