Monday, May 27, 2013

Arizona Cardinals Defensive Back Tyrann Mathieu Has So Much to Learn (and I don't mean about football)

Anyone who has played or watched college sports in recent years should be entirely aware of the danger that social media holds. Why else would so many college football teams ban players from Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

Cardinals defensive back Tyran Mathieu must have missed that back in college. Otherwise he wouldn't have been flirting (and the aggressor) with an underage girl online .

It seems like the newest addition to the secondary for the Arizona Cardinals was looking for love in all the wrong places--online or more specifically on Twitter.

The Honey Badger--yeah, it doesn't matter that you don't want to be called that anymore man; as far as the world is concerned that is your name--sent a direct message on Twitter (unsolicited) and  got down to doing some flirting. That is until he realized she's only 17.

What he should have learned in college was that anything you do online can be used against you rather easily. Apparently the youngster in question took a screen shot of their conversation and posted it online for all to see.

Then again, he was pretty busy doing some other stuff in college so maybe he missed all the social media controversies...

To his credit, he does appear to put the brakes on after he finds out how old she is (although it is clear the conversation continued but we can't see that).

What's important to remember also is that the Honey Badger is a youngster himself (21). So it explains why he might not have thought it through before he started flirting online. Even though he is technically an adult their ages are not that far apart.

If he was 22 and 18 no one would even care (not too many probably do anyway).

Credit goes to BlackSportsOnline for uncovering this little story.

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