Saturday, May 25, 2013

Arizona Cardinals Running Ryan Williams Makes Ultimate Mistake

Ryan Williams looked like the real deal in his one full season at Virginia Tech. Even in his abbreviated second season he didn't look half bad. His short professional career has been something else entirely. While injuries have had a lot to do with his limited success in the NFL, a recent admission puts his future potential in a dark light.

I can't get hurt while I'm carrying pads...
Williams missed his rookie season due to injury after rupturing his patella tendon in a preseason game. So when the 2012 season kicked off the Cardinals still didn't know what they had in Williams. What they say during the first few weeks of the '12 season--where the Cardinals actually won four in a row--certainly wasn't very encouraging.

Through five games he had 58 carries for a paltry 164 yards averaging a bland 2.8 yards a carry. Recently Williams decided to share a big reason why he did not play well.

He was scared.

Yes, sports fans, a professional football player admitted to playing scared (I almost feel like I should put playing in quotes since he sucked).
“It’s a scary sight being a running back and being scared to run the ball. That’s something that no running back should feel. I was pretty much scared all last year to get the ball in my hands.”
Wow. much are defenses loving this, huh? It gets better. He actually described a play that his fear of being hit affected.
“That was my least favorite play, because running to the outside, my whole right side was exposed,” Williams told The Arizona Republic on Thursday. “As soon as I saw (linebacker Takeo) Spikes coming to hit me, I curled up and forgot about the ball. It was something where I was trying to protect my leg instead of trying to protect the football.
You can't play football or any other sport scared. Do that and the only thing you are guaranteeing is that either you or a teammate are going to get hurt. Sure enough, that happened with Williams. He banged up his shoulder and missed the rest of the season (after Week 5).

Williams called the shoulder injury a good thing because it gave him a chance to heal, but he is going to have the same situation next season. He's going to be coming off an injury. Since he played skittish once before chances are he is going to do it again.

And every defender he faces next season is going to be itching for the chance to test him.

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  1. you're a fucking terrible writer. This is completely out of context. In the interview, he talks about how he wasn't completely healed and didn't want his surgically repaired knee to get banged up. just quit, dude. you suck.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Your opinion is noted and respected (hey--novel concept! Ever try it?).

      I will concede that I could have been more direct with his interest in protecting his knee. However, it is mentioned in his quote so its not like I completely overlooked it.

      Nothing is taken out of context. If he was so concerned about his knee he never should have been playing. That's why Derek Rose didn't play after he was cleared.

      Facts are facts. He played scared. He admitted to playing scared. There is no acceptable excuse for doing so.

    2. I totally agree with the anonymous dude. This article was ignorant and lame. People can say whatever they want to say. I personally may not have admitted that I was "scared", but I'm not RW. He had every right to say that and it doesn't make him any less tougher than he is. I don't think of it as a mistake to say that, a lot of guys play scared when they have been seriously injured, whether they want to admit it or not. Hell Tom Brady gets freaked out all the time when he plays against certain defenses and he's admitted that. Was that the worst mistake he made? Don't think so. This article is yet another writer hating on the Cardinals and their staff, and whenever the Cards get their act straight and start having winning seasons, this writer will be hanging on RW's paper sack lol. Get a real job you hack.

    3. Like anonymous, I acknowledge and respect your opinion, but disagree. You can't play scared. When you do it courts further injury to yourself or to another. Yes, it is his right to admit, but any defender worth a wooden nickel will be looking to make a highlight reel hit on him the first chance they get to make sure he stays scared.

      For the record, I'm a big fan of the Cardinals. I wrote a ton of posts on their hot start last year and hope for the futue. i've followed Kevin Kolb since his college days so I was glad to se ehim get a chance and I hate that Larry Fitz has been stuck on an underperforming squad. I think Bruce Arians is a freaking football genius and if anyone can turn these guys around he can--just look at the Colts.

      But like most brave people on the internet you make generalizations and assumptions about people because it is so easy to spew hate and negativity. At least you put your name on your comment.

      However, like I said, I acknoweldge your opinion. That's what is so great about our country. We are allowed to think whatever we want about whatever we want whether it is substantiated or not.

      Thanks for reading! Come back soon!

  2. Williams was overrated in college and he's overrated now. He'll be done in the NFL within three years.

  3. Just like Derrick Rose not coming back because of concerns about his injury, Ryan Williams felt the same. He had stated he did not feel he was completely healed at the time of his shoulder injury. I doubt he is afraid to play football. But when not healthy and not trusting that you are fully healed is definitely a cause for concern. He may be done in 3 years he may blow up. I would not necessarily say he was over rated. He has the talent to compete on the NFL level and will get a shot with the Cards. But he never stated nor implied he was scared to play the game of football outside of him speaking on his injury.

    1. This is from the source article:

      Williams was so fearful of re-injuring the knee he said it was a “blessing” when he suffered a season-ending shoulder injury against the St. Louis Rams on Oct. 4.

      Sounds pretty scared.

      I would agree with you if he was like Rose and did not play, but he was playing and did flat out say he was scared:

      "It’s a scary sight being a running back and being scared to run the ball. That’s something that no running back should feel. I was pretty much scared all last year to get the ball in my hands.”

      How is this not scared?

      “As soon as I saw Spikes coming to hit me I curled up and forgot about the ball,”

      That is the text book definition of it!

      I appreciate you guys coming to his defense and all, but scared is scared. He admitted to be scared when he was playing. It may be because he was afraid of getting hurt, but everyone takes that risk when they play.

      If you play with that fear--like him--you or someone else will get hurt.

  4. Stepfan Taylor will get the lion share of the carries by time the season ends if not sooner. Arians will likely air it out like he did in Indy especially with Ryan Swope to compliment Fitzy.