Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bowler Does His Best Plaxico Burress Impersonation and Shoots Self in Leg

No matter what game you play, be it golf, baseball, football, or even bowling, it is not unusual to want to emulate your favorite professional player. Well, it seems that a bowler recently decided that he was going to do his best Plaxico Burress impersonation during a league game.

No, he didn't make a clutch play like hitting the 10 7 split or anything. He shot himself in the leg with the gun he was carrying.

Nice job slick!
For some reason this bowler in question (his name has not been released) was in the midst of taking his turn at the Jupiter Lanes in Florida when the gun he had stuck in his pocket became compressed and fired.

Lucky for him that was where the Plaxico connection ended. Rather than shoot himself like Plax did the bullet grazed him. After he picked up his pride he was able to limp back to a seat without too much difficulty.

No word on how much laughter there was when folks figured out what happened and that he wasn't seriously hurt. I can't imagine that he'll ever bowl in that establishment again without someone snickering at least once.

How can you not? It's not like there are a ton of bowlers living the thug life or anything. You don't see gangs fielding bowling teams, drugs smuggled in bowling balls or pins, or gambling rackets being run out of the back of the alley.

Maybe we'll get lucky and this guy will speak. I for one would love to know what in the heck he was thinking when he stuck that gun in his pocket before going hitting the lanes. It will be interesting to see if he tries to justify it or just owns it, admits he messed, and then moves.

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