Thursday, May 2, 2013

Can Derrick Rose Come Out and Play?--Now.

Derrick Rose has been cleared to play. That's not to say he'e been cleared like its breaking news, but more like in the past tense; it's old news now. Yet, the superstar said he will not play till he feels ready--which does not appear to be this season.

That hasn't stopped fans from wishing he was playing. Now a local Chicago news station has implored fans to let the star know in their own words that they would like to see him back--now, not later.

I want to be here, but I feel like I am down here.

The reason is simple. The Bulls are good as is, but with Rose they will be better. Despite his long layoff there are many that think he could be the spark plug that can tale the team past the Pacers (sorry, Atlanta; you're boys are going down) and eventually the Miami Heat.

If only he would play.

Why exactly he is holding out--if it isn't because of the injury is a mystery. All we can do, and should do is take the man for his word and accept that he just isn't ready. Trying to work him now could only serve as a disruption to the continuity and flow that the team has developed over the last 82+games.

Then again you can't argue with having one of the best players in the NBA in your lineup.

So write on fans. It can't hurt and you certainly never know till you try.

And in case you forgot what D-Rose is line in action...

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