Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler is Borderline Football Brilliant? Seriously?

Jay Cutler has been called a lot of things. Some of them have been complimentary. Most of them are ones that I shouldn't include in this post (since I don't like to curse when I write). His new quarterbacks coach called him something in a recent interview that will likely come as quite a shock.

Borderline football brilliant.

Those were the words that Matt Cavanaugh used to describe his quarterback in a Chicago Tribune interview:
“Very impressed with Jay,” Cavanaugh told the Chicago Tribune. “Very impressed. He’s borderline football brilliant. I think he gets it. I think he knows the game. I think he knows offensive schemes. I think he knows defenses.”

Cavanaugh is going to have a hard time finding anyone to agree with him. Since he's been in Chicago his QB rating has been in the mid-80s (best season was in 2010, 86.3). Over his seven year career he has a rating of just 84.

There is nothing brilliant about that.

When it comes to Cavanaugh fans will need to take what says with a grain of salt. For the last four years he has been tasked with trying to make Mark Sanchez look respectable. 

His bar for brilliance can't be too high.

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