Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chris Kluwe Didn't Stay Out of Work For Long

Chris Kluwe say the writing on the wall when the Vikings drafted a punter. Sure enough, the 31-year old veteran was cut. Whether that was because of his outspoken nature or the fact that the Vikings had a mediocre (at best) punting unit last year only the Vikings front office knows.

All that doesn't really mater anymore--Kluwe found another job.

Kluwe has signed on with the one team that has never cared about a player's personality. In fact, this team has often appeared to prefer the mavericks that go against the grain and are not afraid to speak their mind.

I'm talking about the Oakland Raiders of course.
"I’m excited to be an Oakland Raider and be playing in California," said Kluwe. "Now, my family can actually come to games."
After losing long-time punter Shane Lechler to the Houston Texans punter was a spot the Raiders were in need of filling. They had signed a couple of guys, but it will be hard to imagine the team not going with the veteran.

What will be interesting is to see how Kluwe's activist nature meshes with the people out in California. His support of gay marriage is no secret (and why he believed he was let go by the Vikings).

Same-sex marriages were banned in Cali in 2008 (Proposition 8), but there is a chance that the Supreme Court could overturn the controversial law.

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