Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman Honorary FatMan of the Day

For many being an honorary fat man may not mean much (or anything good), but here at FatManWriting I think it comes as no surprise that we tend to give some respect and love to those of larger girth.

Now girth--or fatness--can be a metaphorical as well as physical thing. Sometimes a person can have the heart of a FatMan while not actually being large enough that you have skinny people forced to orbit you due to your gravitational pull.

Like Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman.

So why is Aroldis the honorary FatMan of the Day? Well, it's a great little story...

On Sunday when the Reds were playing the Phillies they had a 2-1 heading into the 9th inning. Time for Aroldis Chapman to earn his paycheck and close this one out!

Instead he gives up two solo home runs and the Reds lose 3-2.

Now what's important is the supposed reason why he gave a pair of dingers and blew the save. According to Phillies Spanish-language broadcaster Rickie Ricardo its because he was full after eating 18 of these awesome, artery clogging pastries.

Apparently there is this Cuban bakery in New Jersey that makes these pastries with cream cheese and guava that are to die for. Chapman asked Ricardo if he could bring him a couple boxes (50 each) before the game.

There must not be a good Cuban bakery in Cincinnati that makes these treats.

Ricardo describes these things as 'artery cloggers' after two, but according to him Chapman ate 18 of them prior to Sunday's game:
When I saw him on Sunday morning before the game, he was in the club house, he had just eaten about 18 of them. He couldn't breathe! I looked at my partner, I said, 'he's ripe for the taking today.
And sure enough he was.

Whether or not it is physically possibly to eat that many of these treats in one sitting has been questioned, but the connection has been made--he blew the save because of pastries.

Sounds like FatMan of the Day material to me.

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