Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cleveland Cavaliers Win Draft Lottery--Again

When Cleveland's favorite son up and moved to South Beach a few years ago fate must have decided that it would step in and help the Cavaliers out. How else can you explain Cleveland winning the draft lottery twice in three years even though they didn't have the worst record in the league?

Yes, sports fans, the 2013 NBA Draft lottery was held Tuesday night prior to the Spurs/Grizzlies game and even though they only had the fourth best odds the Cavs won the right to pick first in the draft.

Scene from the 2010 NBA Draft lottery
Michael Jordan has to be a little perturbed. His Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets had the second worst finish to the season and will end up picking No. 4. Last year they had the worst record and ended up picking second. Orlando  had the worst record this season and ended up with the second pick.

The lottery chooses the first three picks with win/loss records deciding the rest of the order. Results of the draft lottery and order for the 2013 draft are as follows:

1. Cleveland
2. Orlando
3. Washington

4. Charlotte     5. Phoenix     6. New Orleans     7. Sacramento     8. Detroit     9. Minnesota
10. Portland     11. Philadelphia     12. Oklahoma City     13. Dallas     14. Utah     15. Milwaukee
16. Boston     17.Atlanta     18. Atlanta     19. Cleveland     20. Chicago     21. Utah     22. Brooklyn
23. Indiana     24. New York     25. Los Angeles (Clippers)     26. Minnesota     27. Denver
28. San Antonio     29. Oklahoma City     30. Phoenix

So Nerlens, how do you feel about bringing that high-top fade to Cleveland?

Cleveland rocks?

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