Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Crazy Colts Fan - Jim Irsay Messing With Fans or Opposing Coaches with 'The Icelander?' (this dude is HUGE!)

Crazy Colts Fan - Jim Irsay Messing With Fans or Opposing Coaches with 'The Icelander?'

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is teasing fans of his team and the opposition. On Monday he tweeted--because he likes to do that you know--that the team may be looking to sign a man mountain he referred to as 'The Icelander.'

That's the huge dude in the picture in case you are wondering.

Hafthor Bjornsson is the man-mountain's name and for now at least he is a Strongman competitor. You know--that competition where guys leg press a ton of kids (literally 2000 pounds of them I believe), lift VW bugs for repetition and drag airliners, buses, and/or trains because they can (among other totally awesome things).

From the looks of him he's pretty good at it too. Standing 6'9" and weighing in at around 419 pounds (yes, that is a 4) he can bench press over 500 pounds, squat close to 800, and dead lift almost 900 pounds.

He's been Iceland's strongest man for the last couple of years, and last year came in third at the World's Strongest Man competition.

So is anyone imagining him tossing around those tiny little offensive linemen around other than me?....

For more on 'The Icelander' and his possible future with the Colts follow the above link to the CrazyColtsFan!

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  1. Damn, almost didn't fit him into the frame.

    1. There's a picture of him with Arnold Schwartzeneger (sp?) online; he makes the Terminator look like a toddler.

  2. The colts should sign him and make him a defensive tackle and no doubt in my mind if you teach him how to play the nose tackle position he probably would be one of the best in the NFL pushing around centers, tackles and gaurds!!! wow what a great idea Jim Irsay if you get that deal done I would applaud you and if it doesn't work out my hat is still off to you because, I never thought off putting the Worlds Strongest Man on a defensive line knocking guys over and sacking and quarterbacks!!! I'll tell you this I wouldn't want to be the quarterback that gets hit by him lol straight up nasty!!! please as a Colts fan don't tell me this is a joke let's sign the guys see what happens!!! This could be one of the greatest moves ever for the NFL because, it will also have other countries tune in to the world's greatest sport the "NFL" god bless america!!!

  3. I hear you man! It will be interesting to see how this plays out. If it works we could have a whole new group of untapped potential with these strong men!