Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dallas Cowboys Had First Round Pick Travis Frederick Rated as Second Round Talent

Jerry Jones needs to be more careful about some things--like when he lets photographers in to wherever he is to take pictures. He may think that he has the situation under control and that nothing bad could happen, but the Cowboys owner is not always right.

Like when shots like this were taken of him with the team's draft board in the background that shows the Cowboys picked someone even they rated as a second round talent in the first round.

The guys over at Blogging the Boys took the time to study whatever pics were available and came up with the Cowboys draft board:

Yeah, I know the pic isn't the easiest to see but my blog width can only go so wide. For a look at a larger one along with an extensive analysis of the 'Boys draft (and a very good one) here.

While their ratings will be something that many will likely take issue with it at least tells us why they traded down for one and took Frederick when they did. Yes, taking a second round talent in the first is not ideal, but it was late in the first and it filled a need.

Now there will be some that will say that they could have or should have gone with the best players available, but that strategy really works best in the first 10-16 picks. After that the best guys are gone and it should become a little more about taking the best guy to fill a need.

And the Cowboys definitely need better blocking.

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