Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day Ends Well for Young Texas Ranger Fan With Awful Sister

Going to the ballpark is a pretty big deal for a kid. A souvenir to commemorate the game--like a home run ball--just makes the day perfect. So imagine the dismay on this poor kids face when his sister takes his home run ball and throws it back!

In her defense--no, there is no defense for her. It's not like the Texas Rangers are infamous for throwing back opposing home run balls (the dinger in question was hit by Chicago's Adam Dunn) like at Wrigley Field. Even then, I think Cubbies might even let a little kid keep a ball his Dad gave to him.

All was not lost though. In the end the young Ranger fan was able to leave the park happy (with a few souvenirs)--and allowed not to like his sister for a day.

[The video does work at this link to USAToday Sports.]

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  1. Are you an idiot? Who cares who the ball was for? You throw back the opposing team's homeruns. His parents can't buy him a $10 baseball? Fans trying to get baseballs is ridiculous - people get hurt, they interfere - no - just no.

    1. Wow. How to respond to such biting wit. Well-here goes.

      I have a few things to say in response here:

      1. Name calling? Please. I've been called worse by better.
      2. Who cares? Have you ever heard of family first? Family before fandom.
      3. Who wants to spend $10 on a ball when you can get one for free.
      4. Throwing it back was Dad (the catcher's choice). As soon as that ball was in the little boy's hands it became a souvenir.
      5. When a ball goes into the stands who is supposed to get it?
      6. Thanks for viewing. Please come again!