Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fans Have Really Showered Robert Griffin III and Rebecca Liddicoat With Wedding Gifts

It seems like the actual guests to Robert Griffin III's wedding this summer to Rebecca Liddicoat might have a little trouble finding something to get the happy couple. Word is that there is not much left on the registry for folks to buy.

The fans have been busy knocking the stuff on the registry out!

The happy couple announced their wedding date not even two weeks ago (July 6). An enterprising young blogger (not this guy) discovered they were registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, posted a link to it, and fan have taken it from there.

Of the 200+ gifts there are not too many left. There are some expensive ones still left, but I would be willing to bet that RG3 is hoping for someone to hook him up with that programmable bread maker and a jerky maker.

The outpouring of lover and affection from the fans has to be pretty nice for the young couple. Here you have a bunch of fans that probably don't make anything close to what he does yet they are spending their hard-earned money to send someone a wedding present that they have likely never met and never will.

I do hope that he sends each and every one of them a personalized thank you note; nothing generic.

As could be expected in the Twitter-verse, there are plenty of folks that want to hate because of all this. You have to give RG3 some credit for handling them like a champ:

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