Friday, May 10, 2013

Fans Love to Show Robert Griffin III and his Bride the Love

It is not every day that a players comes along that captures the hearts and minds of fans quite like Robert Griffin III has. You could say that the proof to that statement is in the jersey sales (his is the all-time single season record holder), but there is better proof.

Fans are buying the multi-millionaire and his soon to be blushing bride wedding presents.

Rebecca Liddicoat and RG3 have been engaged since December 2011 when he managed to pull a few strings to get into the team's practice facility after hours (I'm sure it was difficult). Since then the world has been going crazy with the whole Heisman thing, the draft, his rookie season, and rehab for his injured knee.

So its understandable that they held off for a little while, but it now appears that the wait is over. The couple appear to be preparing to tie the knot on July 6 (according to a page at the popular wedding planning site TheKnot).

This will give RG3 plenty of time to take his bride on a killer honeymoon before training camp starts on July 25.

One of the first things the engaged couple did was register for gifts at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (nice move by DC Sports Blog in finding the registry). It appears that some fans have taken notice of it and are doing a little gifting to the happy couple.

Yep, fans are buying their favorite quarterback wedding presents. That's a new one for me.

Now there has been some speculation that the registry is a fake, and if it was the scam would be an impressive one to say the least. However, I would think that the good folks at BB and B would have some security checks in place to keep that from happening.

Wedding registries are big business for them. If folks had to worry about getting scammed by a bogus registry that would be disastrous for business.

Kudos to RG3 for putting the jerky maker on there!

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