Sunday, May 5, 2013

Forget Raymond--Everybody Loves Tom Brady!

If the networks are looking at retooling an old idea and trying to pass it off as new they might have something if they replace Ray Romano with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Because after all--everybody loves Tom Brady (right?)!

What's not to love ,right? He has an incredibly successful career, he loves his job, he loves the work that goes into his job, his team rocks year in and year out, he kills it with endorsements, his contract is fat, his wife is hot--and makes more money then him!--, his kids are adorable, his career paths after football are going to be numerous to say the least...

What's not to love, right?

Of course we all know that everyone does not love Tom; just like everyone didn't really love Raymond. There's his opponents, fans of said opponents--that covers quite a few people. One group that Brady says does love him beyond the shadow of a doubt is a surprising one--the Boston media.

On one hand it is not a shock. The man is what makes that team work (next to Bill Belichick) every season, but it is hard to imagine that there is not at least one person in the local media that doesn't like good ole Tom simply because.

Tom says that is not the case:
“People always say, ‘Oh, the media in Boston are so hard, how do you deal with that?’ I’m like, ‘the media in Boston have been so great. Are you kidding me? They’ve never said a bad thing about me.’...
And quarterbacks around the league love him even less now.

Should anyone ever decide to cast Everyone Loves Tom Brady they will have to cast his former backup, Matt Cassell into the role that Brad Garret played. Cassell, now with the Vikings, recently made this comment/joke about his time with the Patriots and Brady:
“I taught Tom everything. I thought he really started to flourish after I got there.”
Somewhere the guy he used to back up at USC, Matt Leinart, is wondering why Cassell didn't teach him anything back in the day.

It's because everyone doesn't love Matt Leinart.

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