Saturday, May 25, 2013

Former Baltimore Ravens Tough Guy Tony Siragusa Should Lose His Man-Card For This

This is just too funny. Former NFL tough guy Tony Siragusa is staring in a commercial for Depends. Yes, Depends sports fans; adult protection (in case you leak down there).

They don't look like diapers; more like something you slip in--a shield or guard as they call it.

What makes this commercial even funnier than just the fact that a former 'tough guy' is in it (yes, Tony, after making this commercial you are no longer a tough guy), but that they actually try to present Depends as a product that every guy regardless of age could or should use.

Forget that he's trying to sell pee pee protectors, but he is actually trying to present the bathroom as the Man Cave! With moose head and 'man-space' underneath the sink!

I get that when you are done playing ball and I can't recall seeing him on TV talking football last season (and I watched every game on major cable) so maybe he needs the money. If that's the case--well, Tony I understand.

But sorry man. I'm still going to make fun of you (and Wes Welker--but at least he did it for charity).

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