Thursday, May 16, 2013

Geno Smith Owes Dee Milliner a Word of Thanks

When the team cut Tim Tebow a lot of great material left with him, but then Geno Smith fired his agent and let his true diva-lishish colors show. He can deny it all day long, but there is nothing that will change the minds of the media and fans. Once the opinion is out there, it is out there until something else overshadows it.

Thanks to fellow rookie Dee Milliner that might finally happen for Geno.

Man, only losers fall out of the top five! My agent sucks!
Geno was blasted when he fired his agent after he was not selected in the first round (and he says he's not a diva). Forget that he was just a good college quarterback; not a great one worthy of being a first round selection...

The diva talk really took off from there, and only got worse when Geno tried to deny he was one (because no true diva would deny being a diva, right?). He was probably trying to alleviate some of the damage when he blasted his own performance at rookie mini-camp, but when the Jets gushed over him it kind of took away from it.

After what former Alabama defensive back Dee Milliner did the Geno-bashing should subside. Why? Dee fired his agent because he didn't go in the top five.

Going in the top 10 at No. 9 was not enough I guess.

Word is that he was upset with them over what he perceived as their failure to contain or spin information on his surgeries. What in the world did this kid expect them to do? It's public information that anyone and everyone has access to. Did he think these guys were going to color the truth or lie for him?

Had they done that, when the truth got out--and it always does these days--they would have been done. No team would ever negotiate with them again.

Writing about the New York Jets is fun. I've said it before and I'll say it again--these guys are a walking, talking, football-playing version of a VH-1 reality show minus Brett Michaels. Thanks to guys like Dee that doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon.

At least Geno can get down to just playing football since everyone is going to be busy bashing Dee for awhile (as long as he stays quiet). Silver lining, right?

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