Sunday, May 19, 2013

Golfer's Game Goes in the Toilet and a Cart Goes in the Drink--Literally

This is just too funny. How many of us have been playing golf and felt like our game went so bad that it was in the crapper? Now, of those times, how many times did your ball actually go into a crapper?

That happened to Belgian pro Nicolas Colsaerts Sunday during the Volvo World Match Play Championship when his tee shot on hole No. 10 landed, in of all places--a public bathroom.

No word on whether he listened to this guy to improve his putting game while in the toilet, but he did manage to save par on the hole.

At least his cart didn't end up at the bottom of the lake like this one at a Miami golf course early last week at a tournament where free alcohol was served:

Now what idiot thought free booze would be a good idea?

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