Sunday, May 26, 2013

How to Dress for Success in the NBA: Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, and Sad Spiderman

Oh those crazy professional basketball players and their fashions! Dwayne Wade and LeBron James were at it again for Game Three of the Eastern Conference Finals. While the talk should be all about the way the Heat played--and a lot of it will be--we can't help but recognize the bold fashion moves that these titans of the hard court made Sunday.

LeBron has worn some pretty crazy stuff in the past. This outfit doesn't quite qualify as crazy, but the camouflage tie definitely stands out.

Now I don't know if there was a back story to the tie like something having to do with Memorial Day and recognizing the Armed Forces or if it was more metaphorical like 'time to do battle with the Pacers.'

Or maybe he was hoping he could go unnoticed after the game since the Pacers fans were probably not too happy with him.

Dwayne Wade, on the other hand, wanted to be noticed. You could almost say that maybe he was tired of LeBron getting all the love and press. Maybe he was feeling left out. Maybe he wanted to make sure that he was seen.

Why else would you dress like one of the barrels that the highway construction crews use?

Oh--and love, love, love the man purse! Although I'm not sure that shade of red really goes with orange...and are his shoes a sky blue?

For someone that engaged a stylist to plan all of his outfits for the playoffs you would think that his man-purse would match his outfit better, and his shoes wouldn't clash so much with the whole ensemble. It's a perplexing enough outfit that even Sad Spiderman doesn't know what to think of it.

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