Monday, May 27, 2013

Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat Use Their Heads--or Rather Their Opponents Heads--in Game Three

When you play any game at any level, from pee wee up through the professional level winning is never solely about who has the best and most talented players. Why is that? Because is that talent doesn't play with their heads then it isn't going to matter how good they are more often than not.

Throughout the Eastern Conference Finals both the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers have shown that they can do just that, play smart. However, in Game Three they also showed that they can take the concept a little too literally--and they played with their opponents heads!

Like in the above play when Mario Chalmers chased a ball out of bounds, but threw it off Roy Hibbert's head so the ball would be out on Indiana.

He wasn't alone in this tactic. Indiana was guilty of it as well.

Perhaps in an effort to knock some sense into Dwayne Wade so that he'd quite wearing such ridiculous outfits to games, Lance Stephenson threw this one off of D-wade's head.

I'm sure sports fans out there will correct me if I'm wrong here, but I believe that Stephenson was called for the foul, but Chalmers was not.

Perhaps it was because he had been a little aggressive already like when he gave Lebron James the business.

Even Sad Spiderman couldn't believe what he saw.

Wow! So their using their heads, their using their opponents heads--can't wait to see what these guys do next in Game Four!

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